About Soluciones

We make technology an element of business transformation

We help our clients by optimizing their business processes and modernizing their IT infrastructure to take advantage of the emerging opportunities generated by growth.

Argentine IT services company founded in 1993
More than 90 employees and more than 300 clients throughout the region
Offices in Puerto Madero and an Operational Building in the Technological District


Our Values

Our Solutions

Driving innovation to the IT environment
We have a mission for more than 20 years: maximize the power of technology for companies. To achieve this, we create solutions that solve the most critical technological challenges for growth. Our specific and predictive  approach, allows us to take advantage of emerging
opportunities and drive innovation.

Transforming processes into increasingly complex scenarios
With the constant incorporation of new applications onto an uneven collection of hardware, the IT infrastructure became complex. The result: a broken productivity between systems and great opportunities that are blocked in IT rigidity. Our focus resolves the inefficiencies generated by this explosion of IT goods, transforming processes, unlocking productivity and maximizing IT investment.

A simplified solutions and services platform
We deliver services, solutions and consulting of the highest quality through a simplified and integrated platform that includes Services in our Enterprise Cloud, IT Transformation Services, IT Services, and Document Management Services. The goal of these areas is to make IT environments, centers of efficiency and productivity that allow a rapid response to a competitive market, challenging and in permanent change.

Our Alliances

We keep a wide range of strategic and technological alliances with leading manufacturing companies in the industry. Organizations such as VMware-provider of Infrastructure for the Cloud; Dell EMC-Storage Hardware solution provider; Nutanix-provider of Hyper-convergence Infrastructure solutions; Lexmark-provider of solutions and image technologies for Printing, Protection and Information Management; Veeam-provider of Vitualization solutions; HP-manufacturer of printers, PCs, Mobile Devices, solutions and services; HyTrust- provider of solutions and security products for the Cloud and Virtualization; IBM-global company that offers a mix of hardware, software and Cloud-based services. The relationship with our business partners is growing day by day and there are more and more distinctions, awards and certifications that we add from them. Among the most outstanding are the achievement of the "Solution Provider Premier" category -maximum level for a business associate- and having obtained the largest number of technical certified personnel within the SOLA region, both achievements by VMware. It is also important to obtain the Silver Partner category from Dell EMC, a company that also distinguished us as "Nº 1 Partner in Purchasing through Distributor 2011" and as "Dell EMC High Achiever in Storage Revenue 2016". Finally, due to the increasing deployments in hyperconverged environments, we were distinguished with Nutanix's "Nutanix IPO Vision on the Journey to the Enterprise Cloud".

Our Clients

For more than 20 years we have built a solid knowledge of the IT needs from a large number of industries, industries and sectors. This knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that are aligned with the specific requirements of each organization. Soluciones has a robust portfolio of more than 300 clients from various industries including the oil sector with companies such as YPF and Chevron; the Banking and Finance sector with companies such as Banco Ciudad and Banco Itaú; the laboratory sector with companies such as Abbot; and the retail market with organizations such as Dufry, among others.


Our Future

Join us. Take the technology further.

Don’t wait for the change. Create it. Be apart of an organization that is developing the next generation of IT solutions for the next generation of businesses. Discover why Solutions can be a milestone in your career. If you want to create, innovate, lead in an organization that made teamwork its greatest success case, contact us. Together we can achieve a huge impact in the technology industry.