Soluciones Enterprise Cloud

Take your business to the Cloud
with a comprehensive Cloud platform

Enhance your infrastructure and gain agility in your business by incorporating the latest technologies, through a flexible service model, and under world-class quality and safety standards

Pay-per-use model that eliminates inefficiencies and optimizes the business
Flexible infrastructure that adapts to customer needs
Rapid response to the immediate need for resources


Why choose the Soluciones Enterprise Cloud?

Everything you need to take your business to the Cloud



Secure and simplified access and full control over your servers, operating systems and applications.

VMWare Ready Solutions

A leading virtualization solution in the market that redefines Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Data Management

Extract more value while managing the growth of your data, reducing your costs, and optimizing performance.

Cloud Acropolis Solutions

Eliminate IT silos from each new application cycle by aligning developers, users and suppliers.

Remote Backup

Extend your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, combining high speed and low storage cost.


Ensure business continuity maintaining a good balance between performance and costs.


Keep always connected to your workforce by providing agile and secure access to business applications.


Transform static desktops into digital workspaces through a single virtualization platform.

Add value to your
operation in the Cloud

Our service is based on the VMware product portfolio and has a multibrand
physical infrastructure including EMC, IBM, Nutanix, Cisco and Veeam technology. Our Data Center has the highest security certifications, and is located in the City of Buenos Aires. Our local operation allows us to provide immediate support and a quick response to the need for resources, resolving in hours, what others take days.

Versatility (VMWare IaaS Powered)
Management Agility

Optimize your investment
Maximize your productivity

Our service based on "pay per use", eliminates capital expenses (Capex) replacing it with an operating expenses model (Opex). This transformation will allow you to equip your organization with substantial productivity resources and an optimized investment curve. Our service model adapts the price to the needs of each organization, in each stage, boosting the business in times of maximum use.

TCO and operational savings
Infrastructure costs become Opex
Pay for what you use

Two service models designed for each need

We have designed different contract alternatives that fit the client's needs. In the provisioned services, infrastructure resources are available according to the processing (vCPU), memory (VRAM) and storage (Vstg) needs of their Virtual Machines (VMs). These resources can be contracted individually or under the modality of "resource package and can be" conserved "(reservation of resources assigned to a VM) or" released "(deletion of the VM).
Cost for use with Baseline
Based on the time of use of the Virtual Machine, since it is turned on until it is turned off, and conserving resources.
The equipment can be turned on all the time without the need to measure the time of use.

Where do we start? Use case

Advantages of the Business Solutions Cloud



With the vSphere On-premises environment

of Apps & Data

Portability of Apps 2-Way App


Expanding existing tools and knowledge


Local Technical support


VMware IaaS Powered and VMware Enterprise Cloud Provider

Why moving to the Cloud?

Productivity services in the Soluciones Enterprise Cloud

Infrastructure Monitoring
Perform a continuous and proactive monitoring of your infrastructure, guaranteeing the quality and continuity of the service.
Operational Monitoring
Evaluate the use of resources and the operation of the VMs and their operating components.
Remediation (on demand)
Resolve the problems detected during the Operational Monitoring.
Schedule the operations of your VMs including data copy, IIS site creation, script execution, space allocation, resource allocation and updates.
Establish backup policies and conditions at the start of the service.
Other Services
Generation of new VMs, Ad-hoc installation, Replication / recovery site, Cloning, Migration, Generation of new catalogs, Demos, Training, Digitized data storage.