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Solve the complete lifecycle of your document management with the leading suite of solutions in the market, covering printing, digitization, capture, storage and applications.

Cost-per-copy payment model for managed printing services
The largest print service provider in the market
Certifications for application development on Lexmark equipment

Why choose the Soluciones Document Management Services?

Everything you need to have an efficient document management


Printing Services

Secure and simplified access and full control over your servers, operating systems and applications.


A leading virtualization solution in the market that redefines Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).


Eliminate IT silos from each new generation of applications by aligning developers, users and suppliers.

Digital Documents Management

Extract more value while managing the growth of your data, reducing your costs, and optimizing performance.

Embedded applications in functional equipment

We develop applications to be embedded in multifunction equipment, to perform documentary processes from the same point of origin of the document. The documents are digitized, classified and indexed at source to become structured documentation and available to users and business processes through a customized development, a Documental Manager / Repository or its Core system.

Travel expenses report (travel Expenses)
Printing of exams for Educational Institutions and medical certificates for RR.HH.
Digitization and sending of Correspondence of Ticket Table

Digital Folder

Digital folder consists of an integral solution for the digitalization at source through multifunctional equipment, which allows to classify and manage the documentation to be stored and exploited in a Document Manager, such as Sharepoint. This solution aims to manage the documentation contained in a file / physical folder that must be digitized and entered in a documentary circuit.

Management of different states for the documentation associated with a client
Sending alarms via email due to documentation expiration
Interaction with other tools (eg BPM - SAP) and Active Directory Integration

Digitization, Indexing and Visualization
Documents with Barcode / QR

This solution allows the classification and indexing of documents through barcode, QR code, or OCR code for future consultation through a Web Portal. This solution is implemented entirely on a server and is independent of the brand or model of the scanning device.

Indexing scanned documents by reading barcode / QR and OCR
Possibility of Manual Indexing for cases that require verification.
Access, document search and user management via Web Portal.

Mass Management and Printing of Forms

This solution allows the generation and massive printing of forms from the combination of different input sources. Through a web interface, the user can manage the states of the various documents made and send them to print by lot or individually to the assigned printers.

The templates embedded in the multifunctional device
Processing of multiple sources converge on complex forms of mass printing
Management of users, permissions, roles, printing centers, printers

Document Management and Process Automation

Automate and accelerate all your business processes with our Document Management solutions. Transform your physical documentation into precise, structured and actionable digital information, delivering it to the core business applications, processes and workflows. Define where and how the images are captured and indexed, either at your headquarters, in your branches or in your BackOffice, through a point-to-point, flexible and adaptable document solution that adapts to your needs.
Management and Digital Capture of Images and Documents Mobile Capture
Take a mobile capture of images and documents from your mobile device. Open a new account just by taking a picture of the DNI, make the payment of bills by passing the phone over the bar code, deposit checks with a simple photo and credit it in your account and much more.
Management and Digital Capture of Images and Documents Intelligent Capture
Make an intelligent capture, transform it into accurate and actionable information and send it to the main applications, processes and workflows of your company. Regardless of the hardware or applications you choose, this solution allows you to capture documents, index and validate your information.
Document Management, Process Automation and Document Life Cycle Control and protect the entire life cycle of documents. Control and protect the entire life cycle of documents. Manage records, and perform Legal Audit, Reporting, Workflow, Routing of Approvals, Annotations, Collaboration, Version Control, and Interaction with Core and BPM systems, maintain, lock transfer and store documents..
Digital signature
Our Digital Signature solution improves the standard of digital transaction management solutions. Integrate the electronic signature in any business process, with a fully digital and secure process during the first interactions with the client or First Mile.